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Let Me Ask You A Question...

Have you ever heard a song you really wanted to play, but when you got to the guitar store, you couldn't find the tab book you wanted? Have you ever gone to a website with such a cool soundfile that you wanted to play it? In most cases, you won't find the tabs you want. 

Most retail stores stock instructional/tab books that will have immediate public appeal. They don't have transcriptions to those obscure songs that you love and wouldn't ever think of transcribing on your own. Also, in the books they do sell, there are crazy flurries of notes that are way too confusing to read, let alone play! No explanation on what the guitarist was thinking in the heat of the studio when he came up with that face-melting solo, tasteful line, or lush chord voicing. 

Do you want to be able to think how the soloist thought while you are playing with, and evoking, as much feeling as they were? Well, Look No Further!

Here at Professional Guitar Transcriptions, we transcribe any song you want, each being tailored to your needs.  If you only want the solo, bridge, or intro, it will lower the CO$T and wait time of delivery! In-depth performance notes and theoretical analysis of the music is available as well. Check out the guitar solo transcription, recording, and analysis of "Wait" by White Lion to see what I mean. 

Can you get that anywhere else? I don't think so.

Vocal Transcriptions and Basslines are available, as well!

Consider This...

Do you want to be able to play a solo like this? He's a country guy, but he is shredding with a CLEAN TONE!

Not inspiring enough? How about a distorted slant on melodic technicality?

These guys are truly amazing. Their technical mastery, melodic intuition, and dynamic focus are factors in what makes their styles enviably wonderful! Does what they do seem impossible? I hope not. All it takes is a little effort in helping you discover what is unique about them. To get you started, here are the tabs to both videos! 

The first is the awe-inspiring, stroke-causing stroke of soloing technical genius courtesy of Brent Mason from the instrumental "Pick It Apart". The second clip is John Petrucci's solo from Example 31 his Rock Discipline instructional video. (Transcription starts at 0:45 seconds.)


If your answer is "Yes," I know your dedication and sensitivity for perfection is in place. If you'd like to possess the thought processes of what your favorite soloist played while understanding the possibilities from their musical context, let Professional Guitar Transcriptions be your go-to resource for unlocking the heart and soul behind the music you love! 



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Transcribed SteveT's emotionally charged tribute to Prince with a melodically and technically astounding, guitar-only rendition of the legend's iconic hit, "Purple Rain." Tabs are here.

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